Top Things to Do in Marrakech, Morocco

My husband and I along with another couple traveled to Marrakech, Morocco over the Christmas holiday. Even though Moroccans don’t celebrate Christmas, December is still the busies time of the year to travel there. December is their winter season but the temperature changes throughout the day. Temperatures in the morning can get as low as 50 degrees. Around 2:00 pm the temperature can get as high as 80 degrees. You’ll definitely have to dress in layers that can be taken off throughout the day. With the exchange rate at 1 USD = 10 MAD (Moroccan Dirham), your dollar goes a long way here. With that said, let me take you through our 4 days in Marrakech.


There weren’t a lot of hotel chains where you can use loyalty points. Our friends stayed at Hyatt property Ksar Char- Bagh. This was a gorgeous secluded property where you can redeem for 30,000 Hyatt points per night. If you have American Express, Chase, or Capital One points, it’s best to book your lodging through their prospective travel portal. We booked the Riad Wow through Chase Ultimate Rewards portal. I used the cash and points option and paid 40,000 points + $150 for 4 days. The normal rate was around $200 per night. The cash option isn’t a bad price but why use all of your cash on lodging if you don’t have to. In Marrakech, most hotels are called riad. This is a home that’s been converted into a boutique hotel. The Riad Wow was a gorgeous boutique hotel in the heart of the Old Medina. I would highly recommend staying here.


We ate breakfast each morning in our riad. They served a buffet style breakfast for 8 euros per day. Our favorite lunch spot was in the medina square. It was called L’Adresse and served traditional Moroccan and American food. The prices were around 10 USD per person and everything we had was really good. Throughout our trip we ate a Moroccan dish called tagine a lot. This is meat and vegetables cooked together in a ceramic dish. Some of the Moroccan food was decent and others lacked seasoning. The higher-end restaurants will have live entertainment. You'll experience belly dancers or a band. They were all entertaining and interactive.


Marrakech is great for shopping. For my ladies, I did notice in stores like Zara, the clothes are more conservative than you would see back in the U.S. If you are looking for bags, leather goods, Berber rugs or souvenirs, then head to the medina and be ready to negotiate. I suggest taking a local tour guide to help you negotiate prices. Our tour guide got us around 70% off. You can easily get overwhelmed with the many shops. Most of the shops sell the same thing so try not to price shop too much. If you are interested in a rug, this is definitely the place to buy one. You’ll pay at least 40% of the price you would pay in the U.S. for a similar rug. Just be prepared to be in the carpet store for a few hours. They’ll want to sit you down, provide you with a carpet demonstration, and offer you tea.