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I’d be lying if I said Thailand is only a short flight away. After spending close to 20 hours of travel time, you’ll ascend on gravity defying limestone formation rocks. Once you land, you'll be greeted by Thai hospitality that is as warm and inviting as the emerald green water. My most memorable experience was watching a fisherman cast a net for my meal. In this series, I’ll discuss some great things to see and do in Phuket, Bangkok, Railey Beach, and Koh Samui.


I’ve never had a bad meal in Thailand. I’m not an adventurous street foodie. Thailand has amazing street food options for adventurous souls. You can find street food that will cost you $1 to fine dining prices. This could include purple rice, banana leaf, fried bugs, to good old pizza. If you find yourself unsure of what to order, Pad Thai is always a safe noodle and chicken dish. The only street food we did partake in was corn on the cob. I had to support their impressive restaurant that was set up on a motorcycle. If you have known food allergies, have it translated in Thai and show to the food vendor or restaurant to be on the safe side.


Leave room in your luggage to bring back custom suits and shirts. Their custom pieces are really affordable, fast, and good quality. You’ll notice many tailor shops all over Thailand. We’ve had custom suits and shirts made in Phuket and Koh Samui. You can’t go wrong with picking a shop to have custom pieces made. It usually takes 2 days to complete and this includes you going back for a fitting before they put the finishing touches. I would suggest getting this done on the first day of your longer city stay

Thai Massage

Get a Thai massage every day. The price is around 5 USD. You’ll never have an affordable luxury available to you. Another great thing is the hours of operations. Most are open until late at night. Please note, they do have massage places that offer more than a Thai massage. You’ll easily be able to determine the differences.

Muay Thai Boxing

As soon as you step in, you’ll feel like a local. Men will be yelling trying to get their bets in for the current match in the ring. You’ll see multiple fights and all nationalities. The kids as young as 10 year’s old match are earlier in the evening. Adult men and women matches follow. What’s most interesting are the pre-flight rituals. The fighters do a stretching dance and pray before their match. This makes the fighting seem more spiritual.

The stadium has bleacher-style seating and VIP seats that have cushion chairs and a waitress. There isn’t a bad seat so don’t feel obligated to purchase VIP seats. The whole experience was great because it didn’t feel like a tourist trap.

The monsoon season in Thailand runs from May to October. Though you’ll get heavy rainfall, you’ll still experience nice weather. Also, accommodation and other activities will be less expensive. Having vacationed in Thailand multiple times, I could always go back. Come back to check out my next post on Koh Samui, Bangkok, Railey Beach, and Phuket. Have you been to Thailand? What are your highlights?

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